Vicki makes excellent choices for her clients when it comes to the coaching tools she uses. She distinguishes well between the different learning styles and ensures the tool suits each individual client. She shows excellent pacing and leading skills which are not only comfortable for the client, but lead them to a good outcome so the benefit is obvious in the end. Vicki does great scaling and exploration which allows for a deeper understanding of self and gives a forward pathway for the client so the actions and outcomes all come from the client themselves.

Vicki’s own experiences and journeys have given her fantastic mentoring skills however she ensures the client is aware if mentoring becomes part of their coaching experience.

As a member of POWERtalk International, Vicki ensures her public speaking skills are of a high standard. Membership also brings the advantage of honing leadership skills in the different roles she takes on in this environment.

Mary Wong
Optimal Life Solutions
Dip Counselling
Dip Management
Cert IV Coaching and Mentoring
Fellow of International Training in Communication
POWERtalk International Corporate Trainer

Vicki is an adept coach with a passion to serve women looking for empowerment.

Mike Thwaits Business Development


I was happy with the way the coaching went each session and good tasks were set after each one. Vicki kept me very accountable with completing these tasks. Vicki was always encouraging and supportive throughout the process. Overall I am seeing small and slow improvements in my life and I am so thankful to Vicki for all the help she has given me so far. Vicki is great when it comes to focussing on my health and gave me steps to take to improve it and exercises that I could do. I have set some fantastic goals for the next few months and am looking forward to seeing my progress over this time.

Katelyn Stokes

I was able to gain great clarity and focus through my coaching sessions with Vicki. Vicki really helps you identify what’s important to you.


Vicki is a professional and result-driven personal trainer. She put my needs and wants first and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Lillian Leung

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